• Instrument Calibrationintrument_cali
  • Calibration & Accreditationmulti_m
  • Control and instrument application design
  • Certifiable and traceable calibrationamatek
  • Procurement and custody transfer
  • Instrument installation
Tubing pressure testing
  • Field calibration

Single Sourcing

Research shows that the amount of time wasted by businesses trawling through files and catalogs of unnecessary suppliers and contacts costs thousands of naira each year.
LUBESCO can help you save both time and money by cutting you supplier list, by providing all your instrumentation needs in one place.
We are committed to providing the best possible products & services to all of our customers.With years of experience coupled with customer feed-back we feel we have now perfected our service techniques.
Our product selection will always be based on our clients' requirements, where we shall endeavour to offer what we believe to be the most appropriate equipment at an attractive price.

Our Core Services

One of the fundamental components of our program to meet our goal is our extensive Instrument Calibration & Validation Services. 
These services include the procurement and acquisition of comprehensive list of:-
1. Analytical instruments
2. Accredited test equipment

These equipment are used for verification of functional conformity and signal integrity of various variable instruments including pressure, flow, temperature, resistance, density, gas chromatography and dew point/moisture analytical instruments associated with fiscal oil & gas metering instrumentation systems